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Grib Data Cruising 120 hrs - Category 1

 GRIB Data Download 120 hrs - Category 1 


 for  1 day

Wetter services grib 2

WEATHER365 GRIB Data - precise weather data for: 

CATEGORY 1 (*) - GRIB Data Download

Content of GRIB-files  -  Format: GRIB1 
Wind force
Wind direction
Wave height
Wave direction
Wave period

Forecast period 120 hrs, 3 hr timesteps, 4 updates daily at  01/07/13/19  UTC  

Remark: You need special 3rd party software reading these grib-files on your computer called "GRIB-Viewers". 

(*) The following grib-file areas are accessible when booking Category 1 

Azores   Florida and Bahamas   Norwegian Sea
Barent Sea   British Islands   North Sea complete
Californian Pacific Coast   Gulf of California   Baltic Sea complete
Cape Horn   Gulf of Mexico     South Africa,
Cape Verde Islands   Hawaii   Tahiti
Caribbean   Kara Sea   Tasman Sea.
Fiji   Mauritius/Reunion  

other areas and gribs can be provided too - please contact us for individual solutions. 

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