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GRIB Regatta

 Grib Data Download REGATTA 


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WEATHER365 GRIB Data - precise weather data for: 
REGATTA (*)   0.1 deg high resolution grib - GRIB Data Download
REGATTA GRIB files are provided in  0.1 deg "high" horizontal resolution for better performance.

Regatta GRIB files contain informations on: 
Wind force
Wind direction
Wave height
Wave direction
Wave period

Forecast period 48 hrs, 3 hr timesteps, 4 updates daily at  01/07/13/19  UTC  

Remark: You need special 3rd party software reading these grib-files on your computer called "GRIB-Viewers". 

(*) The following grib-files (areas) are accessible when booking REGATTA

Adriatic Sea  Black Sea
Aegean Sea  Canarian Islands/Morocco
Antillen  Celtic Sea/The Channel
Arabian Gulf  North Sea North
Balearic Islands/Corsica/Sardinia  North Sea South
Baltic Sea Central  Mediterranean Sea East
Baltic Sea North  Mediterranean Sea Central
Baltic Sea West  Mediterranean Sea West

other areas and gribs can be provided too - please contact us for individual solutions.

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